What you see here is the latest (6th) revision of a web site that has been in existance since 1993. Whether it's a good or a bad thing is left to the determination of the reader. To make it easy for even the most heavily retarded, you should use the most modern version of your browser-de-juers. If you don't, you can certainly complain (to anyone that might care), but I won't be sympathetic.

I took what I think are reasonable steps to prevent the site from becoming totally unusable from a cell-phone, but hey, there's only so much I'm willing to personally tolerate given the miniscule size of a cell phone screen. My life does not revolve around my phone, so as you might guess, this web site is more of an programming exercise in media handling for me than anything else. To that end...

You'll notice a difference in layout, most notably that the top-most banner is removed for screens smaller than 992 pixels (namely, cell phones, and maybe the smaller tablets as well). On normal-sized iPads, that should not occur.

The simple truth of the matter is that this is a personal web site, and I don't have to answer to anyone but myself regarding it's design or level of browser support. If the site happens to do what you expect in terms of device screen size, it's most likely because I wanted to play with that particular aspect of the site - because "programming".

If you want some admittedly broad-sweeping info on the site's contstruction, you can go here.

What's Up With that GIF Image?

Way back in the early 90's Wired Magazine ran an article on a game featuring the band Devo. The star of the game was a character that was evidently the result of some bizarre scientific experiment - what I call the "turkey-monkey" (or "monkey-turkey", whichever you prefer). I scanned the image from the magazine and have used it as my avatar on the CodeProject site since CodeProject was new. I created an animated GIF out of the image, and placed it here to disturb and confuse people. Again - my site, my rules.