Download the Application

The download provided on this page is a Windows Installer .MSI file. It will NOT run on a mobile device.

To download the program, click the following link.

Download CamoPicker 2.n (approx 6.7Mb)

If you want to download the source code, go here.


Just doubleclick the downloaded file, and the install process will begin.

If for some reason, the .Net 4 installer refuses to work from within the CamoPicker installer, exit the CamoPicker installer, and use the following link to download the .Net 4.0 installer directly from Microsoft:

Microsoft .Net 4.0 Web Installer

If you're running Windows XP, you MUST have Service Pack 3 installed before installing .Net 4 and CamoPicker. The download for SP3 is here:

Windows XP Service Pack 3


It's only me, and I'm doing this in my spare time. It's entirely possible that you might encounter a glitch here and there. If you do, just click Support in the menu on this web page, and send me an email. I'll respond in as timely a fashion as I can muster.